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Forchir Sauvignon Friuli Grave DOC Soresere


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The Story of the Wine:

From the early 1820’s French grapes were being introduced into northern Italy mainly through Piemonte, where there was a strong political link with France. It is thought that Sauvignon Blanc may have been a later introduction but there is no definite confirmation of this. Certainly by the end of the 19th century Sauvignon had made its way over to Friuli and the eastern part of Italy where it found a natural home, particularly in the gravely soils of Udine. This particular wine is called “Soresere”, a Friulan dialect word meaning literally “over the evening” or sunset, and is the name of the part of the west facing vineyard where the sauvignon grapes are grown.

Grape(s): 100% Sauvignon

Area: From vineyards around Camino al Tagliamento near Udine

Forchir make one of the best Italian sauvignon’s around. Their estate is in the northeast, near Venice, where the cooler climate is best suited to this grape and they certainly know how to handle it. A lovely gooseberry nose with soft fruit tones. This is followed in the mouth by a firmness of structure and long, crisp finish.

ABV 12%


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